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Confrenece on Banking Services for Foreigners working in Guangxi orginised by Bank of China

December 20, 2019

Description of the event is given in original language.


Tea ceremony

December 13, 2019

Sponsored by Science and Technology Department (Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and hosted by Nanning America Translation Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Guangxi ITEA SPACE Investment Management Co., Ltd., Chinese Culture Post — Tea Culture Experience was held in Nanning on December 14. Nearly 30 foreign experts working in Guangxi from countries such as Russia, Australia, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, etc. gathered together, enjoyed tea and Guqin performance, learned about tea culture, experienced ceramics carving and appreciated the charm of tea culture.

The Tourism and Culture Development of joint programs between Italian Crema and Chinese Nanning city

November 26, 2019

​Nanning Central Television published news regarding the collaboration programs of Tourism and Culture Development between Italian Crema and Chinese Nanning city. I was invited as a foreign expert by the Tourism Development Department of Nanning Municipality to present the research on Nanning city image perceived by foreign tourists. A representative of the Italian Consulate General in Guangzhou opened the meeting.

Rice Noodles Ferstival

November 30, 2019

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There is a famous saying about Chinese martial arts: “Southern fists and Northern kicks”, which refers to the difference between these two styles. When it comes to food, the North and the South also have different tastes. In the North, people prefer wheat noodles, while rice noodles prevail in the South.

Luosifen, originated in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, is one of the typical Southern rice noodles. It is famous for a special stinky smell. The noodles, made from “old” crusted rice and cooked in boiling water, have a very chewy texture. Various ingredients are added to this dish: crispy peanuts, smooth wood ear mushroom, soft tofu skin, pickled green bean and bamboo sprouts. After finishing the noodles, have a sip of the tasty noodle soup and you will feel on top of the world.

Accessible Education to the Chinese kids

April 19, 2019

Together with Mr Zhang, the director of "Le Xue" Nanning language school we organised an English Corner - informal sessions of chats about European culture in English conducting two times per month during the weekends.  The emphasis in these sessions is on improving the oral English skills of the kids and providing a better understanding of the multicultural environment of the modern world. More than 230 kids of age 7-12 attend our sessions every weekend.

Talk in the IceLab at Umea University. For the Love of New Ideas: Lunch Pitch with Ivan Monich

February 18, 2019

Title: Artificial environment and implications for sustainable tourismThere is the debate on the uniqueness of places as the core product in travel and tourism and the notion of tourism destinations as spatially fixed. Places and their characteristics are unique and are not possible to relocate or entirely reproduce elsewhere. However, other researchers argue that places are increasingly being considered as mobile entities. The novel idea is the view upon places as mobile entities, through the technological developments on artificial and simulated environments, and their possible spatial implications for the people and the locations. The brief assessment of artificial environment entities from China simulating western culture and architecture will be given.

Interview to Russia -1 TV Channel

April 14, 2016

Dissemination for the Tempus project Strengthening Higher Education in the Sphere of Finance in Siberia and the Far East of Russia (EduSFE) which is funded by the European Commission

Interviewed by the Transbaikal Worker Regional Newspaper

March 27, 2016

Economy of tourism in Transbaikal Region

Economics, information technology, marketing, innovation in the tourism and cross-border cooperation with China this is the list of Ivan Monich's interests, the lecturer from the Department of Economics and Management in Transbaikal State University. Favorite family, professional sports, and science itself inspired the scientist to create unique research methodology, software, books. "As well as the economy requires a certain set of directions and activities, the scientists can sometimes appear in different directions and roles."

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