Course Title: IT in Economics

Tutor: Ivan Monich

Spring Semester 2021

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Module Outline


This module will help students evaluate the strategic role of modern information systems and the managerial and organisation issues associated with IT. It will also help students to critically appraise the strategic value of information systems/technology for organisations by applying concepts and frameworks to real business case scenarios. Students will also formulate recommendations for information systems development in order to gain competitive advantage.


Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this Module you will be expected to be able to:

1. Critically appraise the key processes involved in management decision-making at all levels within a business organisation and the way in which information and information systems support this decision-making

2. Evaluate the structure and function of different types of computer-based information systems

3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of control process techniques, tools and methods required for the development of economical systems for competitive advantage.


Indicative Content


1 Information systems in the digital world

2 Global E-Business and Information Systems

3 Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems

4 IT infrastructure, Telecommunicating, the Internet, and Wireless Technology

5 E-Commerce, Digital Markets, Digital Goods

6 Business Intelligence and enterprise systems

7 Cloud computing

8 M-Commerce

9 Social and Ethical Issues in Information Systems

10 Securing Information Systems

11 Information Systems for Improving Decision Making and Knowledge Management

12 Information systems and strategy


Learning and Teaching Strategy


You will be expected to prepare for classes by undertaking relevant reading. Tutor led sessions will build on this preliminary learning with a blend of formal lectures, group discussion, seminar and tutorials. At this level you are expected to develop independence in your study and in your reading and research. Tutorials at key points during the course of the module will provide you with an opportunity to receive guidance and feedback on your progress. Lectures are designed to introduce key concepts and frameworks. In addition to the formal scheduled sessions you will be expected to supplement your learning with tutor-directed study and independent reading.

Video Lectures:

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